The cultural exhibition entitled “The Armenian historical and cultural trace in Baku” was inaugurated at the National Assembly of Eastern Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, November 28, 2023 in Culture

An exhibition entitled “Armenian historical and cultural traces in Baku” was inaugurated at the National Assembly of Eastern Armenia. The information was reported by the press service of the Parliament of Eastern Armenia. Armenian churches, works of oil producers, architects and builders are presented as evidence of historical and cultural heritage in the exhibition. Deputy Director of the National Architectural Museum-Institute named after Alexander Tamanyan Anushik Ter-Minasyan presented the historical and cultural monuments represented in the exhibition. the photos in detail to the guests.

The extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadors of Romania and Poland in Eastern Armenia, the charges d'affaires of the ambassadors of Iraq, Spain, Ukraine, Argentina, the plenipotentiary ministers of the embassies of Bulgaria and Kuwait, the representatives Staff from the embassies of Serbia, the Russian Federation, China and Slovakia were also present at the exhibition. The exhibition titled “Armenian Historical and Cultural Trace in Baku” will be on display until December 20.