The Works of a Devotee of Western Armenian Culture Aram Dikran to be Republished

  • by Western Armenia, May 03, 2021 in Armenocid

Sirvard Melikyan, the wife of Armenian composer Aram Dikran, popularly known as "Ape Aram", has signed a contract with the German-Kurdish Cultural Institute to publish the copyright of all the artist's works.

Sirvard Melikyan noted that together with the institute they want to implement the process of establishing a fund named after him in Syria, which was the greatest desire of Aram Dikran.

According to the statement of the institute, all the works of Aram Dikran will be reviewed and restored. In addition, writer-publicist Kakshar Oremar will prepare a large catalog, which will include all the works of the musician and the institute will publish them.

Aram Dikran was born in 1934 in the Syrian city of Kamishli to a family deported from Tigranakert during the Genocide against Armenians of 1915. He has sung in Kurdish, Armenian and Arabic all his life. The artist became interested in music at the age of nine and learnt to play the oud.

He left for Yerevan, the capital of Armenia after 1966, where he worked for 18 years at Yerevan Radio. He settled in Athens after 1995.

He wrote in his will that his greatest wish was to be buried in his homeland, Tigranakert, after his death, but he was not given permission.