A presentation of books and a website representing the monumental culture of Artsakh took place in Stepanakert

  • by Western Armenia, July 09, 2022 in Culture

The day before, the Francophonie Center "House of Paul Eluard" of Stepanakert hosted a presentation of Hamlet Petrosyan and Nzhdeh Yeranyan's books "Monumental culture of Artsakh", Hamlet Petrosyan and Haykuhi Muradyan's books "Cultural heritage of Artsakh in the target of attacks", as well as the website of the initiative "Monitoring of cultural heritage of Artsakh". Hamlet Petrosyan, Head of the Department of Cultural Studies at Yerevan State University, said that the preservation of the Armenian cultural heritage involves various initiatives aimed at creating an independent academic platform that will record the state and changes of the cultural heritage of Artsakh, present and interpret within the framework of professional knowledge. The site already presents 130 monuments that are now under Azerbaijani occupation. The president of Western Armenia  Armenag Aprahamian addressed a number of international structures with this problem, and through the efforts of Foreign Minister Lidiya Margosian, relations with embassies of different countries are maintained.