On July 24, 2022, a memorial ceremony was held in the community of Shation Dazerg for 52 executed in Montluc prison 

  • by Western Armenia, July 28, 2022 in Events

In the summer of 1944,  in Normandy and Provence, the uprising of the Maquis, and the gradual liberation of French territory, the ring was compressed for the Germans stationed in Lyon, and Klaus Barbie organized a massacre of Montluc prisoners. In June-August 1944, 635 prisoners of Montluc were executed. On July 19, 1944, 52 prisoners were delivered from Montluc prison, "without luggage", which meant that they had to be executed. They were bundled into two vans and taken to the village of Pont-de-Dory, where they were shot. Sources report that 52 executed were shot with machine guns. They were finally killed by smashing their heads with either pistol bullets or machine gun fragments. Finding some bodies in terrible condition prevented their identification. On the site of this massacre, on October 7, 1945, a memorial monument was opened, around which, as every year, this year under the patronage of the Mayor's Office of Chatillon-d' Azerges and the Committee of Remembrance of France, in the presence of Department adviser Jean-Jacques Brun, representative of the Department of Remembrance of France Jean-Luc Francois,  a memorial ceremony was held for the community: Jean-Luc Francois, representatives of the departmental committees of memory of France, General Philippe Lafond (ANS), with the participation of the Vice-President of the Association of Armenian Veterans and Resistance Fighters and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Western Armenia Mrs. Lidiya Margosian and the unions of flagships of Lyon and its district. The resistance soldiers and hostages in Montluc prison had different origins, and among them was an Armenian, Jean Berbatyan, a member of the FFI (Internal French troops), who decided to distribute leaflets for the liberation of France from the German occupiers. On May 25, he was arrested by the Gestapo during the blockade in Vienne and taken to Montluc prison. The name of Jean Berbatyan is included in the list of all the heroes of Western Armenia who survived or were descendants of the survivors of the Genocide of Armenians and died in the name of France.