Ruins of a 3000-year old Armenian castle found in Lake Van – Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, March 07, 2020 in Ancient History
The 3,000-year-old remains of an ancient fortification have been discovered at the bottom of Western Armenia’s largest lake. The castle is said to belong to the Iron Age Armenian civilization also known as the Kingdom of Van, Urartu, Ararat and Armenia. Divers exploring Lake Van discovered the incredibly well-preserved wall of a castle, thought to have been built by the Urartu civilization. Experts had been studying the body of water for a decade before it revealed the fortress lost deep below its surface. It is thought the stone structure was built by the Urartians, as the rocks used were favoured by civilization. The castle, as well as a number of villages and settlements in the area, were built at a time when water levels were much lower than they are today. The Kingdom of Urartu was an ancient country in the mountainous region southeast of the Black Sea and southwest of the Caspian Sea.  Today the region is divided among Armenia, Western Armenia, and northwestern Iran.