Azerbaijani ambassador summoned to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to non-compliance with the decision of the International Court of Justice 

  • by Western Armenia, March 24, 2023 in National Politics

According to the message of the Federation of Dutch Armenian Organizations (FAON), it is now known that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands summoned the Azerbaijani ambassador and informed him about the need to implement the decision of the International Court of Justice and open the Berdzor corridor.

It should be noted that the 13 parliamentary factions of the Netherlands sent written questions to the country's Minister of Foreign Affairs Vobke Hoekstra regarding the decision of the International Court of Justice on the blockage of the Berdzor route on February 22. In his answers, Vobke Hoekstra agreed with the parliamentarians, noting that Azerbaijan does not comply with the court's decision.

According to the report, the head of the Dutch Foreign Ministry has repeatedly expressed concerns about the humanitarian situation in Artsakh due to the blockage of the Berdzor road, including during bilateral negotiations with the authorities in Baku, as well as during the recent meeting between the Dutch Prime Minister and Ilham Aliyev. These concerns have also been expressed in EU statements at various international conferences.