Excerpt from an interview with the Consul, Dr. Guillermo Karamanian

  • by Western Armenia, July 06, 2022 in International Politics

All Armenians come from the so-called Western Armenia, which is Armenia that was historically dominated by the Ottoman Empire. Our ancestors were the victims of the first known genocide of the 20th century, which is still unpunished. All those Armenians, we, are the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those victims and that is the people who today are the citizens of the Republic of Western Armenia.  Excerpt from the interview with the Consul, Dr. Guillermo Karamanian, conducted by the radio program “Not everything is what it seems” AM 1300. 

The program is called “Not everything is what it seems”  and is broadcast on AM 1300 radio. The interview was on Saturday June 25. People were very excited to learn about the existence of the Republic of Western Armenia. We talked about the original people of the Republic of Western Armenia and how it is that we Armenians have two States recognized by public international law. And we asked for the recovery of Our Lands to the air and we made the claim public. 

In the following YouTube link you can listen to the full interview.