In 1820 this day Ghevond Alishan was born

  • by Western Armenia, July 06, 2022 in International Politics

Armenian poet,  historian, translator, member of the Venetian Congregation of Mkhitarians Ghevond Alishan is one of the initiators of the romantic trend in Armenian literature. He was born on July 6, 1820, in Constantinople. Real name and surname is Qerobve Alishanyan. Since 1838 he has been a member of the Congregation. At the age of 16, according to the church charter, he was renamed: Ghevond Alishan. Since 1832, Alishan has lived permanently on the island of St. Ghazar. Having never been to Armenia, he planned to devote separate volumes to all 15 provinces of Armenia and Cilicia, but managed to write only large-scale works "Shirak" (1881), "Sisuan" (1885), "Ayrarat" (1890) and"Sisakan" (1893). He  introduced the Armenian religion, deities and beliefs in the country. With his huge scientific heritage (more than 45 volumes), Alishan made a great contribution to the development of national science. Ghevond Alishan died on November 9, 1901 in Venice.