Former NATO Secretary General warned about the danger of ethnic cleansing by Azerbaijan in Artsakh 

  • by Western Armenia, March 27, 2023 in International Politics

Clearly violating the tripartite declaration of November 9, 2020, Azerbaijan causes a humanitarian crisis in Artsakh and again threatens Armenia with military aggression. As "Armenpress" informs, former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen expressed such an opinion, who published a long article on the site "Project Syndicate", talking about the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, the problem of Artsakh and future developments in the region.

According to the former NATO Secretary General, Azerbaijan uses blockade and other measures to "suffocate" Artsakh.

"The Artsakh war of 2020 clearly showed that Azerbaijan had a significant military advantage over Armenia, thanks to the weapons it acquired from Russia, Turkey and Israel. Although Armenia remains a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, it received no support when it asked for help in an attack on its territory. It was left vulnerable and alone. The EU mission, which is currently based only on the territory of Armenia, should be rapidly expanded to cover the entire length of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. European leaders should pressure the Aliyev government to allow EU personnel to enter Azerbaijani territory, as well as pressure Azerbaijan to prefer negotiations to military confrontation," Rasmussen concluded.